Kasyapa veda research foundation

KVRF is a family which twilights the hidden talents and true spirituality in a human being by conducting Vedic classes to all irrespective of age or gender. We also promote healthy living by adopting vegetarianism, conduct camps for students for understanding the true meaning and relevance of Brahmacharya(Celibacy), Shodashakriya seminars, Anna Dhanam (Giving food to needy), publishing invaluable collection of vedic literature in digitalized form and  in hardcopy mode wit more than 100 titles in Malayalam, Tamil and English , most of them being authored by our most beloved AcharyaM.R.Rajesh

We are a  family of more than 50,000 disciples who perform Sandya and Agnihotra on a daily basis and one of its kind in entire South India to teach Vedic literature to the commons.


Acharya's Message

A Person who chants mantras regularly should talk and hear by discerning the psychological aspects of sounds. All sounds generated as a result of talking and those which we hear should generate good thoughts within us. This is absolutely essential for the mantras to cause changes in our mind. In fact, when we chant mantras regularly, this kind of psychological changes takes place contin read more..

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05Apr 14

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